So I’m excited to say that my since my last post on the progress with restoring my gut flora, I feel like things are really going good now. Since the beginning of December, my stomach has been AWESOME. I have finally been able to eat again without getting severe stomach pains or upset digestion. It has been such a big relief to be able to just feel normal again; it really was a pain in the ass (stomach) on a day to day basis! However, because I’ve been focused on nourishing my body, I have put on some body fat again. Win some lose some hey.

taken 14th December…I’m focusing on the fact that I still have good muscle underneath that stomach fat; whilst I was leaner last year, this year I have a better base to reveal 🙂

Supplements: I started the second round of Allimax early in December, but luckily had minimal nausea at the beginning and then no more symptoms like the first round. So the die off was obviously finished. I have also finished my prescription probiotic Mutaflor. So that leaves me on Lactobac (pre breakfast), Gut Relief, Ovarianne, elemental Zinc and Juice Plus+. I’m so grateful that we finally got the Juice Plus+ Berry Blend in Australia this year too, because having no fruit in my diet is not something I like – but at least I am getting nutrients from the Fruit blend and Berry Blend.

Food: I feel like I’m digesting my food pretty well now, still on low carbs. I’ve been sugar free since October 23rd and since December 1st I have cut out fruit as well to ensure I was giving my gut flora every chance to get healthy. Sugar feed bad bacterias so eliminating it is necessary in the healing process. Keeping carbs low is also important here, so still no grains, just veggies and limited starchy veggies. My fats have really increased this month after cutting fruit, and honestly it’s gotten a little out of control! Whilst they are good for digestion, especially coconut oil; I did read that Sarah Wilson had a similar thing when she first cut sugar out totally…kinda like replacing one addiction with another I guess. So I need to sort out a happy balance with that now.
21/12 11am, update – I forgot to mention I also stopped drinking coffee for 2 weeks at the beginning of December and have had 2 coffees since then. This has made a huge difference to my digestion, coffee is really not good for me unless I haven’t eaten. I find it very harsh on my stomach, but it has been better when I’ve just had it on the odd occassion. For now, it just cannot be a daily thing…sad but true.

Body Progress: My body fat increase sucks but I’ve let it happen so have to deal with it. I believe this is mostly due to the fact that I have not been strict with my daily food and my increase in fats means my calories are definitely up. I am most accountable when I create a meal plan for Monday to Friday and then on the weekends, it is a little more relaxed. I’m NOT going to stress about my BF% right now because that is counter productive. We are road tripping to Melbourne for Christmas and New Years, so now is not the right time to start a new meal plan as I cannot prepare my own food for the next two weeks. But it will be a focus of mine once we are back from Melbourne in the New Year. In the mean time I will simply keep myself in check…I can’t over indulge at Christmas on any sugary desserts at least!

Training: This was severely affected by all the issues I had last month with my stomach, and I feel like I really lost my focus and my ‘mojo’ a little. All my training plans got messed up as I kept having to skip sessions. This month has been better, but obviously my progress has slid a little…I’ve dropped the ball a little here as well, still training 4-6 days a week but just not focused enough. Some workouts have been great and others have not.
21/12 11am, update – Also forgot to mention that my energy levels for training have been pretty good most days now I’m able to feed my body properly. Despite low carbs 90-90% of the time, it just feels normal now – healthy fats definitely gives plenty of energy in any case.

2012 Goals: I have a few goals so far in regards to my training, health and overall physical and mental being.
One of the big ones is making Yoga a consistent in my training. I have done it on and off for years now, love it and feel great when I do it, but always let it take a back seat to other training. My body needs more focus on stretching, foam roller and general active recovery. Plus Yoga strength is very different to any weight training I currently do, so it’s a challenge.
Still working towards sets of 10 full chin ups, the extra BF has plateaued this. I can still do between 3-5 currently and know that once I lean up again I can easily add another few to that.
I am getting back into my HIIT training for cardio (started that yesterday!) I like doing treadmill sprints, skipping, bike sprints and will still do 1-2 cycle classes a week. Time wise intervals are just so much more efficient though. I will also include beach runs and walks, but that is more for my mental “me time”.
I’m looking forward to writing up a new training program and just going back to following for 4-6 weeks and then reassessing. I have spreadsheets of all my training which I print each week and have tracked for the past year…its a big bundle of paper mess as well as on my computer at work; but have been a bit lazy with this lately.
I’m suddenly finding myself considering a Bikini competition…as in I’m actually considering I may not be terrified to go on stage! That said, I am not sure next year is right because I have a lot on between Team JP Wellness Partners, day job, business management studies and of course my ebook…
Which is yet another time heavy goal. I thought my ebook would be simple to put together, but I’m a perfectionist and have found myself re photographing and testing old recipes again. It’s just going to take time, but it will be worth it once it’s done to share with everyone! I may share some sneaky previews soon…

That is where I’m at right now. I’ve been dreading writing this post for a few days now because I wasn’t feeling great with having let things slide a little this month, but I’ve done the things I’ve needed to do to get my health on track. Actually going through and writing this all down has really helped me feel focused and in control of everything again. I’m so excited about 2012 not only for my health and fitness, but for all the other big opportunities I have awaiting me…..

What are your health and fitness goals for 2012?