Now that we are officially two days into 2012, I am ready to write down my thoughts on what this year will bring me…well not write, I shall blogcrete them. (Yes, that’s a word I made up today. It’s for when I use my blog to put something out there and make myself accountable to.)


My health is always of utmost importance to me, but this is more specifically my gut flora health. I am now just a mere 21 days away from being able to eat more normally again i.e. the 23rd of January marks the end of my sugar free diet. Overall, I have found it pretty easy…it was only over Christmas and Boxing day when there was dessert after dessert and beautiful fresh berries wafted under my nose continuously that I started to get the shits a little. I very nearly succumbed…I do remember asking if chewing it and spitting it out counted ha ha. Luckily I traveled to Melbourne prepared with my own homemade, sugar free raw chocolates. I also made a delicious coconut cream and raw chocolate pudding like dessert for myself one night…so I did not at all suffer!

So my gut flora is feeling great (if one can feel their gut flora) but I am definitely digesting food a lot better and whilst I have put on more body fat from the change in eating and partly from the holiday indulgences and reduced training. But I’m accepting that its part of getting it right, and it’s working. I’ve finished all of the prescription probiotics and the second round of Allimax, so just using a probiotic, Gut Relief, Zinc and of course all my normal Juice Plus+ in fruit, veggie and berry blend. I’m so grateful that I can get the nutrition from fruits and berries whilst I’m sugar and fruit free; it’s one of the best things about Juice Plus+ is that the sugar is removed.

At the end of January I will have another consult with my holistic GP and start whatever needs to happen at that stage; but I assume I will need to continue on with eating fermented foods, bone broths, some kefir etc… to keep my gut flora healthy. I am going to resist the urge to sugar binge too! I function best on low to moderate carbs, which is good for my gut anyway, but it will be nice to have a treat every now and then too. I am hoping I will be able to have coffee again too…I miss that more than sugar honestly. My body is totally rejecting it as of early December, so I’ve stopped drinking it all together for now.



On the note of ‘reduced training’, I am in the process of working out my weekly training schedule. It’s been a bit haphazard in the last quarter of 2011, mostly due to the gut flora issues. I want to re focus and start fresh for 2012, so I have a few different areas of training…

I said last year, that I am going to make Yoga a focus and I have found a studio down the road from me that does morning classes which I can make. With that and the few Yoga classes at work, I should be able to do at least two sessions a week. I also vow to make friends with the foam roller and not forget to do it daily!

I am getting back into my running a bit more, especially as I didn’t have a gym when we were road tripping (except one session at my parent’s gym) and quite enjoying it again. Keeping it to 3-5km outdoors, so about 20-25 minutes or doing intervals on the treadmill. I will also keep doing some cycle classes just because I do love them; but probably only once a week as I find I adapt too much and running offers a more efficient way of training. I randomly picked up a skipping rope late last month, and had a heap of fun skipping around the group fitness studio by myself. I forgot how fun skipping is and what a good work out too! So that is definitely on the cards; 20 minutes after a weights session is perfect.

Like I would not include weights! I’m looking forward to getting stuck back into a new program and really pushing my limits again. The end of last year was pretty much just maintenance with no progress made, so I think I will go back to one of my old programs to begin with; lots of heavy compound movements and one or two full body circuits per week, keeping the functional training up too. Core work needs to be a strong focus as well, I hope Yoga will help this too. Of course, getting better at pull ups are still on the board!

a photo from my upcoming ebook!


I’m currently doing a little juice cleanse because I have never done one before and just felt my body and digestive system could really use it, (I’ll post more on it later.)

I’ve kinda confused myself nutrition wise, between eating mostly primal/paleo and with my holistic GP telling me to eat certain things as well…I’ve ended up a little unsure of what to do now. Then over Christmas I have still been eating cleanly, (pretty hard not to when you aren’t eating sugar, dairy or wheat ha ha) but have not been tracking meals or worrying if I have eaten enough or too much etc… I’ve just been relaxing and living life a bit more, but I’m keen to get back to my day to day meal plans as they are so much more simple and also easy on my digestion.

I think for January I am going to also dig into my files and find an old meal plan to start leaning up again. It will include rice which is not primal but I know it works for me and with rice being so non-allergenic it doesn’t upset my stomach anyway. It is basically a high protein, low carb and moderate fat plan including lots of salad, low GI veggies, chicken, fish, minimal red meat, eggs, basmati rice/rice vermicelli and olive/coconut oil. I won’t be able to have the small amounts of fruit, so will probably replace with a little extra coconut oil or avocado on salads; but the fat content will be a lot lower to keep calories down. No more nuts for January as these are so addictive when you are not eating sugar! (They are also one of the few things I can eat whilst road tripping.)

From there, my plan is to get BioSignature testing done to look at my hormonal imbalances as this is affecting my body composition and is probably also related to my gut health. It’s all a very holistic approach, with my hormonal, gut health and nutrition needing to work together for me to achieve my goals. I may even start this mid January depending on how busy I am.


Speaking of goals, I have been entertaining the idea again of doing a bikini comp this year (regardless of whether I do or not, I am aiming to look amazing in a bikini anyway!) Stage is not my happy place, and I had decided previously that all the prep and hard work would not be worth the terror of getting on stage half naked…hardly a reward. Now however, I feel I can manage the prep and dieting much better mentally and physically (i.e. I don’t fall into a heap when I cut carbs) and I do see a reward in overcoming a fear.

All that said, I have a lot of other non health and fitness related goals to achieve this year that are all super important; so they are my main focus…if I find a bikini comp that works in with everything timing wise then it may be on the cards…

The other health and fitness related goal I have is to finish my ebook! I officially started putting this together last year, but its become a bigger project that I originally thought (the perfectionist in me doesn’t help) so I am considering breaking it up into smaller books, each focusing on a different meal or type of food i.e. one for sweet and treats, one for foods that travel well and so on. At the moment is it a number of chapters with about 5-8 recipes each, but at this rate it will take me all year to finish it…so I think a few smaller books will work well. But I’m really excited either way! I love creating healthy, nutritious recipes and love food styling and taking beautiful photographs and designing the book layout…basically the entire process from start to finish. There will be some existing recipes and other I am creating and photographing from scratch. Most of the existing recipes I am re-photographing and double checking too.

So that’s my current health and fitness plan for the year…I always review and reassess goals along the way, and I imagine that there will be changes and additions to this as well. My journey is forever evolving but I am so much stronger this year, physically and mentally and know that 2012 is going to be a very holistic approach to nourishing and fueling my body, inside and out.

If you don’t set goals, you will never reach them.