view over Lakes Entrance

I’m sitting here on the couch before I head off to get the groceries, sipping a peppermint tea and thinking about what a lovely end to 2011 I have had with my family, friends and John.

We drove down to Melbourne for Christmas with my family, which was so lovely. We had a quiet Christmas day full of seafood, roast and delicious fresh food, a swim at Half Moon Bay with my mum (I cheated with flippers) and just chilled out in the afternoon. Boxing day was with the extended family as always and this year we started a new tradition; a hilarious present giving game that involved taking gifts off each other, resulting in much hilarity! We then caught up with some of our friends in St Kilda and I also managed to squeeze in a quick bite to eat with some of my beautiful girlfriends who I dearly miss. The days went too quickly and before we knew it there were a few tears as we departed on our adventure home.

Lakes Entrance

We did a three day long road trip up the South Coast, stopping each night in cute motels in country towns of various sizes, swimming in turquoise and sapphire waters, eating fresh seafood, exciting runs through beach tracks, collecting the most intricately patterned and coloured seashell jewels, going off route to check out little hidden gems and just living each day by whim. New Years eve was unplanned, but we found a Carnival down the road which we wandered around for a bit and then went for some Thai takeaway next door to our motel, but ended up eating in overlooking the water. We were home early and then just chilled out watching a movie on tv until midnight (bizarrely I somehow looked at the clock at exactly 11:59pm or we would have missed it!)

We decided we really like living like runaway vagabonds.

Long Beach, Batemans Bay (heaven)

When we arrived home to Dee Why last night after a final day of adventure, we realised that our apartment was the nicest accommodation so far, the beach is beautiful, the cafes and restaurants are superb and that we are so lucky to live in a holiday destination! I am feeling very blessed right now to have finished 2011 so beautifully and to have such a wonderful first day of 2012.

It was a balmy evening last night, so to stretch our legs and went for a run around the block…I love running with John because he runs just that little bit too fast for me, so it makes me work hard. Then I whipped up some omelettes with a little tuna and frozen veggies for a light dinner. So good to have home cooked, simple, clean food. I do love eating out, but it is just a pain in the ass at the moment – sugar/wheat/dairy free is not always possible. I had quite a few steak and veggies whilst away, but sometimes just had to have the wheat or dairy, which I do tolerate in small amounts. Sugar is non negotiable and hides sneakily in things like sauces.

I am consolidating my plan for 2012 (and will be cementing it into the blog and making a new vision board) and am just about to head off to Harris Farm and the health food shop to get a bucket load of veggies and some fruit to start a juice cleanse for the next few days. I’ve never done one before, so will be sure to share my experience soon….

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