I have to say, the last year I have never had so much blood taken in my life. I’ve just never had the need really, but now I feel like a regular ol’ pin cushion! For someone who absolutely HATES needles, it has been a blessing in disguise because I am so much better at handling the whole situation now. It’s not that I think they hurt or that I have a problem with blood at all, but it’s the whole idea of the tiny, sharp needle going IN through the skin and muscle and veins and ugh it just freaks me out. Acupuncture is my worst nightmare. (Had that done once on my ankle and freaked so much when the acupuncturist went to throw a blanket over top of me! Longest 20 minutes of my life.) I don’t faint or anything that dramatic, but I just get this massive rush of adrenalin, clammy palms, white face etc… and then when it’s over I feel exhausted ha ha! I can pretty much control this now which is awesome, just a tiny surge and I feel my heart pounding a little, but look much more together.
I still refuse to look at the needle.

Anyway, the point (no pun intended) of that little off topic word wander was the many blood tests I’ve had. Those of you who follow my facebook page updates would know I had to get another round of tests done today (I just had some done two weeks ago) which included a GTT or Glucose Tolerance Test as well. I had been into see a new specialist last week who is fantastic and finally taking a very thorough approach and it thinking along the same lines that I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and therefore wanted me to get a full comprehensive range of tests done to confirm this.

The GTT required a three day high carbohydrate diet leading up to it, which I managed to tweak and not feel that bad from it. I am still eating relatively low to medium carbs (under 100g) the majority of the time as I am not feeling good when I include them too much. So the three days had me a little worried, because the suggested food to eat on top of my regular meals was:

  • 5 slices bread
  • biscuits or scones for snacks
  • 3 pieces of fruit
  • 3 pieces of veg
  • 2 servings pasta or cereal

Uh I don’t think so! I modified this to be the rough equivalent carb grams in brown rice, sweet potato, bananas, berries and buckwheat ‘bread’. It was somewhere around the 200g – 250g carbs each day. HUGE difference to my normal nutrition, but I dropped my fat intake so I wasn’t blowing out the calories totally.

The first day I really struggle to eat that quantity of ‘bulky’ food, I felt horribly full and bloated. By the second day I was actually craving more food because the carbs were giving me that up and down sugar ride. Yesterday wasn’t too bad, but I was pretty tired and needed two coffees that morning. The thing I missed most was my meat and nuts breakfast. I had green smoothies in the morning to at least try and have the fruit first thing, which a massive amount of spinach. I do like how nourishing these feel, but I was crashing about two hours later. Meat and nuts is definitely my thing!

Last night I had to fast from 9pm which had me eating take away vegan Thai (because I worked late and forgot to pack dinner) at the bus stop. Suffice to say, I’m not a fan of “veggie chicken”, that stuff is just weird. This morning I had to do a urine sample, then go into the pathology where they took the first blood sample (including for a whole list of other things being tested,) and then I had to drink a disgustingly sweet 300ml bottle of Glucoaid which is 75g of pure glucose sugar. Ugh. That has got to be the worst breakfast I have ever eaten. Ever.

I had to sit there for an hour (with a book at least) feeling ill waiting for whatever happens when you drink 75g of glucose. They took a second blood sample from the other arm and then another hour of waiting. At this point I was starting to have a major sugar crash and just wanted to go to sleep, lucky the waiting room was freezing so it kept me awake! Three hours later they took the final blood sample from the first arm and I could finally go home. The nurse was lovely though and super good at taking blood, hardly felt the needle at all. Total pro, don’t think I’ll even have any bruises this time which is good; looking like a junkie doesn’t work well when you work in a Health Club.

Now I just have to do some more waiting before the results come back and I can go see the specialist again…at this point, I just want to know the diagnosis even if its not good news. At least then we can work on the fixing it part rather than this stumbling around in the dark part. Feels like I’m on the right track finally!

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