What do I mean by translating intentions to outcomes? I mean that gap that occurs after you set an intention to reach a goal but can’t seem to quite get there because the gap grows and stretches and your goal seems to get further and further away until you realise you actually might have gone backwards! Gasp! Intentions are important in setting the belief and focus, but making that become reality and as an outcome is where all the real hard work is. I used to call them goals, but the lovely Peta Serras introduced me to the word outcomes, and the concept just clicked in my head.

So my intentions of knuckling down and getting into the best shape of my life and maintaining it has not manifested as an outcome this year. I feel I need to update with my personal fitness journey. My PCOS has side tracked me a little, and I’m not sure how much anyone cares or if this interests you…but I’m blogging it anyway because it is helping me work out my intentions and outcomes in my head. Virtual pen to paper so to speak. Apologies for boring you if it does, but maybe some of you will relate or it might help you work through some things in your head.

barramundi, steamed greens with almonds, fresh garlic & lemon
~ part of making my intention an outcome!


Today marks Day 1 of a new meal plan. I think I’ve said that maybe two or even three times this year and have failed to stick to it. Great intentions but poor outcome. Talk about damaging my level of trust and belief in myself! If I can’t stay accountable to ME how can I expect others to be accountable to me? I think we project this out to the world, not just in the physical sense that I have gained a few kgs of body fat, but in our posture and confidence too. An interesting side effect of ones health that I have noticed over the past few months. So I’ve been feeling a bit demotivated and lost in this aspect of my life.


So what has been the deal with not being able to stick to a plan or goal when I’ve been achieving goals in other areas my life no problems? My body fat didn’t sneak up on me, but lots of continuous small actions snowballed into a noticeable effect. I’ve been thinking a lot the past week and came to these conclusions –

1. I have been probably more upset about my PCOS diagnosis than I thought, and have used it as a bit of an excuse to be more relaxed with my eating – still healthy whole foods, but not enough portion control. Because I seem to be putting on weight even more easily now, I let it slip into my head that I’m fighting a losing battle.

2. I don’t trust in my ability to construct the right nutrition plan for myself as it is such an exact science so its not hard to fall off the wagon because I don’t believe it will work from day one. It’s not to say I can’t make healthy choices, but macro nutrient balance, timing and tweaking along the way is an art and is not something I have enough knowledge in.

3. I’ve been busy with juggling a lot of different areas of my life and career, so my training and food has taken a bit of a back seat. I’ve also been up and down with my training because of my neck strain and reaction to starting a new supplement; when my training slackens my food seems to go along for the ride.


Frustrated, disappointed in myself and feeling rather soft! It’s not just about the extra body fat I am carrying, but how I feel inside for not hitting my goals. I promised myself I would see my abs last year and they are hiding away again! Mostly it’s given me a wake up a call and has fired me up to kick my ass into gear and sort my shit out!


Well like I said, I’m sorting my shit out and have enlisted the help of a Personal Trainer who really knows his stuff. George’s business Get Motivated is located on the Gold Coast but I already have complete trust in his ability to work with me remotely. We have had a few phone calls and I sent him a stack of info and took progress photos (eek another wake up call!) He has come back to me with a great meal plan that I started this morning. It’s a little different to how I’ve been eating but I can see right away it will get me the visual results as well as provide my body enough nutrients to heal my PCOS too. He will also be working with me on my training plan.

I have my supplements pretty much worked out at this stage, but must have the food spot on to make it worthwhile taking the supplements – all the supplementation in the world cannot fix the wrong nutrition. So I’m still taking magnesium to get my levels back up, zinc to maintain my levels (which were previously low,) fish oil, flaxseed oil, a probiotic and of course Juice Plus+ fruit, vegetable and berry blend which are vital for allowing my body to perform at its optimal level for both healing and training.


Because I know it almost guarantees me getting from intention to outcome. Having someone to provide this expert knowledge is so very valuable. Not only from their experience and information that they can provide, but because it makes you accountable to someone other than yourself and also means you continually get an outside, neutral perspective. Very important for me because I find it hard to see progress along the way so am often too critical and my partner, bless him, has always thought I look beautiful no matter what stage I have been at; neither of which are that constructive for moving forward!


Speaking of my partner, I think having someone who is amazingly supportive of your goals and outcomes is a great asset. John knows what I’m doing and I’ve asked him to remind me if I look like I’m about to slip up! It’s not something he enjoys doing as it might upset me (ha ha food sadness) but he will do it because I’ve asked that of him. This person could be your partner or a friend or family member of course. I will not get John to put a full meal or training program together for me (although he has the knowledge) because we prefer to keep that potential stress out of our relationship. He provides me training tips if I need, but does plenty in just supporting me and loving me. Besides, if it was his meal plan, I may hold it against him if I get hungry! George is safely located in another state ha ha!


Discipline, focus and commitment. Scary words? Kind of but I’m such an all or nothing person that doing it this way works easiest for me mentally. I’m either “on” or “off” or as John says I’m like the Energizer bunny with two speeds – I go go go and then stop completely!

The Monday to Saturday part of the week is my “on” part and then Sunday is the “off” part…within reason, but I can enjoy some foods and meals I love. Mental and physical break makes it easy to stay focused the other six days.

Training wise, I’m looking forward to a more structured plan. I have needed a new program designed specifically for me for a while – I love that George can look at my photos and pick weaknesses up straight away that I know I have. Kind of like seeing a muscle psychic!

I’m not sure if I will share my recent progress photos…it’s still a little to reality for me. I think in 4 weeks when I’m seeing some progress and I can compare back, I may share them with you!


Because my brain was overflowing and it needed to get out somehow…this blog helped me do that.
Any questions from you?! Ask away….

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