I recently got my un-flexible paws on the new Peta Serras Stretching Series DVD. I have done 2 sessions so far and found it just brilliant! I can already see how this is going to help me get in the habit of daily stretching – something I have tried time and time again to do, but always end up forgetting to do once and then it’s all over for weeks until I realise all my muscles are jammed up and something goes wrong. Vicious cycle!

SO I impulsively came up with the idea of committing to 30 days of stretching every single day, but as with most things I know that if I commit to it publicly I will be more likely to stick to it. The second thing that is great to make me stick to something is accountability…which is where YOU come in!

I want you to join me on the 30 Day Stretch-Athon! 
It’s something I think pretty much everyone can benefit from, and it only takes 15 minutes commitment a day. So get your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours etc… on board with you (it’s great for anyone who runs, sits at an office desk or does weight training) and register here to join in.

The DVD is designed to make you flexible in only 15 minutes a day. Even getting down into the splits flexible (that will be the ultimate test for me!) Peta has already had lots people trying the DVD and then referring their friends and families to purchase as they are ecstatic with the results they are getting in such a short amount of time. There is a Beginner and Advanced session…I’ll be starting on the Beginner ha ha but you can choose the advanced if you like (or move up to it during the 30 Days.)

I guess you are now wondering what it will cost you to participate? The DVD is just $32.95 plus postage and the registration is free of course – but by joining the official 30 Day Stretch-Athon with me, you will get some extra tips along the way and Peta will be able to answer any questions you have too.

The 30 Days will officially start Monday 14th May 
Friday 18th May, so you have some time to get your copy of the DVD…but you can join in anytime of course! (I’ll be doing some sneaky pre-stretching already because trust me, I need it!)

So what are you waiting for? Register below and let’s get more bendy, flexy and stretchy together!

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