I haven’t done a progress update blog for quite some time. I’ve taken some selfies and shared on my Facebook page and Instagram, but I haven’t stopped and really assessed where I’m at. Normally I do this right at the beginning of the year, but 2013 has just gone insane on me right from the start with the release of my ebook, an intense training block, my business is getting busier with an awesome team as well as all the little bits and pieces in between.
For the record, the stats of my 12 week progress are a loss of 5.2% body fat and 3kg gain of lean muscle mass. Note my weight has stayed the same on the scales!
Having just finished exactly twelve weeks of training and nutrition plans with my trainer Chris Dufey, released another ebook, done the 3 Day Detox from it at the start of January, cooked up way too many recipes, got outside my comfort zone and more; now seemed a good time to check out where I’m and and where I’m heading.
It’s been a massive start to 2013 and I’m really am incredibly excited about the remaining ten and a bit months left across all areas of my life. The past four years has been crazy, busy, hectic, hard, fun, exciting, stressful, goal-kicking and overall a LOT has been done. This is the last year of that, but I really am loving every second of it.
From a health point of view, I still have some goals I haven’t yet achieved from 2012, but many that I have and I’m at a point right now where I feel happy, comfortable and relaxed with my body, health and fitness. I’m still working hard towards my goals but I’m at that sweet point where it is all just exciting progress from here. I’ve already achieved one of my goals for the year, which is doing unassisted chin ups. I can get out about 6 reps now, so some more work to do, but super pleased with this. It’s a very satisfying exercise to be able to do.

So what are my goals, plans and dreams for twenty-thirteen?

Health + PCOS

I’m on track with my health and have really never felt this good before! It’s been a whole combination of getting the right training program and nutrition plan for me, which my PT Chris Dufey has done an amazing job with. I’m getting leaner steadily but have am not on a crazy calorie restricted diet, have great energy levels and my body is starting to respond well to more carbohydrates and calories. The Biosignature has been great for working out hormonal imbalances in my body so we can continually tweak my overall program.

On the PCOS front, I’ve managed the vast majority of my symptoms simply through diet, nutrition, correct supplementation with Juice Plus+ (including the Berry Blend last year really helped) and lifestyle changes. (You can read more on my PCOS journey here, here and here). My endocrinologist is really pleased with where I’m at and just wants me to keep doing what I’m doing. I have been taking Metformin that she prescribed for just over eight months now but I still have not had a period which is really the last missing piece of the puzzle. The Metformin is the one thing I’ve been battling against as I really dislike taking any medications and don’t believe it is a long term solution to my PCOS; however I agreed in the hope it might ‘kick start’ my body into action. I tested my blood sugar levels before and when I first started taking it and did notice they were more steady and a bit lower, so figured since the side effects are minimal, it was worth a shot.

In the last two weeks I’ve stopped taking the Metformin though as I had honestly just had jack of taking it. I was also curious what my blood sugar levels would do. I was super pleased that when I was having starchy carbs post workout, my levels were staying steady and have remained between 4.0 – 5.4 mmol/L. Even after smashing a big carb up meal of risotto! So that’s a great sign that any possible insulin resistance I was prone to has also been managed (I didn’t test for IR but the doctors have all said that they think I’ve managed this simply because I was eating low-med carb and exercising regularly); so this is great as my carbs have been increasing but blood sugar still good. Winning!

Fitness + Training

I thought I was going really well with my training and fitness last year. In a way I was, as I was doing the best I could at that time with what I had. I had great training programs written for me by the lovely George from Get Motivated PT, but hadn’t had an actual PT sess for well over two years. So whilst these programs were awesome, it was the best decision that I made in October to bite the bullet and book an actual PT session with a local trainer – Chris Dufey. Having the Biosignature done and most importantly just having monthly one-on-one sessions really has made a big difference to my training. Having someone spot you, push you, correct your technique means you are far more likely to achieve your goals and get those results. I have no trouble motivating myself, but I had forgotten just how hard I can push my body and how much stronger I have become. 

So training is pretty much awesome at the moment – killing it! Like I said before, I’m back to doing chin ups again and have been really enjoying watching my strength increase as I’ve gotten leaner over the past three months. I have some strength goals I want to hit this year, including more functional ab training, increasing my deadlifts and squats and getting more of those chin ups done!


My eating is pretty much the same as usual. When I first started being coached by Chris, he said it was highly likely I had some metabolic damage (see this video to learn more) from the low carb/calorie diet and too much cardio (oops those addictive spin classes) which was why I was not able to increase my carbohydrates without instantly gaining weight. Over the past 12 weeks, Chris has slowly increased my carbohydrates and calories. I probably ate more in the last 12 weeks than I did all last year! Just kidding, but it’s been awesome to eat heaps, not be hungry and watch the fat steadily drop away.

I had probably the best results in the weeks after doing the 3 Day Detox program from my ebook Detox Cleanse Nourish. It was such a great way to start twenty-thirteen and it really reset my body and kick started the fat burning again. Plus it was so easy to do and didn’t involved drinking only liquid for days on end! I felt SO good after completing it. Abs really are made in the kitchen!

Goals + Milestones

So it’s not all just eat, train, sleep, repeat! In between all my eating and training, I have a lot of other goals that I will achieve in other areas. This year is just seriously so damn exciting.

I’ve already hit my first goal of getting my Detox Cleanse Nourish ebook with meal plans by Chris, out in early January and it’s been so incredible hearing all the fantastic feedback and seeing the results from everyone who has done it. Next up is a number recipe ebooks that I start over a year ago (!!!) but have had to constantly take a back seat. I have now got about 80% of the work done and am at the point end where I have to break all the recipes up into separate ebooks, as well as just generally re-test any recipes or re-shoot them. But it’s close I promise!

I also have goals for my Juice Plus+ business which going really well and my customers are super happy with how their health has improved, which makes me super happy too! I have a great team of people who I work with and it really doesn’t feel like “work” at all. I want to get back to making time to read more business and development books again as well, so I can be the best leader and coach for my team as possible.

I’ve been doing more freelance graphic design (somewhere in between all this) and really enjoy that, although can only really manage one project at a time. I’m also designing ebooks for John, currently at the moment for coaching and training elite tennis players which is rather cool. And I know he has a lot more ebooks for me to do!

I’m loving really pushing my comfort zone and continuing to challenge myself. I already got out of my comfort zone in January and enter a cover model competition for Women’s Health and Fitness magazine AND a calendar competition for the Coalition Angels project.  That was awkward taking photos in the gym with people watching! I’m not the most coordinated person, so it was pretty funny trying to learn how to pose AND smile – John was a very amused photographer. I don’t expect to win or even get past the first round, but it was the process of setting a small goal I was really uncomfortable with and accomplishing it. 

There are a heap of other milestones and things I want to get done in 2013 for GET ZOMT in general. Lots of weekly recipes up on the blog with Box Fresh produce, finishing the ebooks, some great products and resources to share with you, hopefully some videos and just lots more clean, delicious food! If there is anything you want to see more of (or less) then please shout out!

With all that business, I also need to make sure I stay grounded and make time to relax and just STOP sometimes. I’m really bad at doing nothing. Generally, the only way John can get me to stop is take me away on a holiday…otherwise he calls me the Energizer Bunny. John is the number one in my life, and this year we are all about more time with each other as much as possible. I’m so very blessed to have him in my life…but I won’t get all soppy here!

So that’s pretty much it for the year so far. I could probably blab on a whole lot more…but let’s just leave it here.

I hope you have some BIG FAT goals for your twenty-thirteen too.