Over a year ago now, a lovely lady called Carolyn contacted me about being involved with her new recipe website thing called myfoodbook. I remember being instantly intrigued, because the words recipe and organised were never in the same sentence for me. I had recipes everywhere! They were printed out stuffed in folders, some categorised, most not; literally hundreds of bookmarks in my browser; foodie blog RSS feeds and subscriptions; newspaper articles and a vast array of cookbooks. As well as all my own recipe creations scribbled on paper here and there and in online sites as well. I like to think I’m an organised person…but somehow the recipes had gotten the better of me!

Carolyn had realised that with the abundance of recipes available online now it was increasingly difficult to organise them all and keep them all in one place. She created the genius myfoodbook recipe website, the first of its kind in Australia. So we chatted for quite some time on the phone and I was super excited to become a contributor to myfoodbook. Since then, it’s been great being a part of watching it grow and really cool seeing some of my favourites recipes up on the site for anyone to add to their very own custom recipe book.  

What was even cooler, was when I received a surprise in the mail from Carolyn at Christmas. She had printed me my very own recipe book with all my recipes in it! I was so excited! I had been meaning to get around to ordering one, and just hadn’t got onto it…but was so glad that she did it for me as it really is the highest quality and sits very proudly in my bookshelf.

About myfoodbook

myfoodbook is the first Australian recipe website that allows you to search, collect and store your favorite recipes in your own fully personalised cookbook.
With myfoodbook, you can choose from our wide range of recipes supplied by top brands and chefs, then add your own recipes with photos to create a custom printed, personalised cookbook, which is delivered to your door.
It’s easy to browse and select your favourites. myfoodbook is also expandable so when you discover new recipes you can add them to your existing collection.
We offer a range of affordable cookbook packages, and our e-gift vouchers are an ideal present for the home chef in your life!
myfoodbook proudly supports Foodbank Australia, a national charity that collects unsaleable, surplus and donated food and groceries and distributes them to over 2,500 charities and community groups around Australia.

You can check out some of my own recipes here on myfoodbook – and if you want, pick and choose from a heap of delicious recipes and make your very own recipe book. 

Here are some photos my one with some of the recipes you can add to yours too!

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