Fail to plan + plan to fail

One of my favourite quotes. No doubt you’ve seen me sharing this one around a lot of my Facebook page. But it’s so true.

If you read my recent blog post on my goals for 2013 and assessing where I am at, then you will know I started the year off in a crazy busy way. I was so busy doing there was simply no time for me to take those New Years breaths, reflect on the previous year, what I had achieved, what goals I had yet to hit and generally spend some time planning, checking my habits and reaffirming my intentions across personal and business areas. I was getting stuff done, but also running around like a headless chook and not getting anywhere near enough sleep.

It was only when I was contacted by My Personal Planner in mid January that I realised I hadn’t even bought a new diary! Normally I do this in December. I like to think I’m super organised (read anal retentive control freak) so this was a bit of a shock to me.

The cover of MY personal planner – food of course!

Sometimes we get so caught up in the doing and action part of things, that we forget to stop for a few seconds and make sure we are doing and actioning the right things. So My Personal Planner seemed to be one of those things that the universe just timed perfectly for me.

The thing that made me say yes to trying their product (they kindly gave me a voucher to order my own planner), was that I was able to customise the planner to suit my needs. I hate how most planners and diaries are full of useless pages that you never use. Even more cool was that I got to upload my own front and back cover photo. Which would have to be a food photo of course ha ha!

My customised pages with training schedule on each day.

I chose a weekly A5 layout and customised my planner with a training schedule area on each day, checklists for the week, ruled lines on the days (or I get messy) and a heap of blank and ruled pages at the back. Perfect for all my recipe notes and goal setting. It was super easy to order online too.

I have to say, because I got to pick and choose the layout of the pages; this has been the most useful (and pretty) planner I’ve had for years! It’s chock full of everything going on in my life and really got my ass back into being my normal organised self.

I’ve also been using it to keep my habits in check. By using the checklists to prioritise tasks for each week, I can easily see what I’ve completed and what needs to be carried over to the next week.

Which brings me to the three simple rules to ensure you are prioritising your time effectively. I learned these at a recent business training event from the amazing business coach Celine Egan.

Three Simple Rules for Reaching Your Goals

Here they are:

The three D’s are a super easy way to work out what you need to be working on! You either need to do it yourself if it is of high importance and value; delegate it to someone else if your time is worth more than that task; or dump it because it is actually not of benefit to you and even detrimental to your overall goal. (I like coding them in the traffic light colours too, that’s probably just the 4 year old in me).

For example, these are some of the Do, Delegate + Dump decisions I made:

  1. DO: I had to do my daily business coaching and training calls with my team. This is a priority as I have a responsibility to my team.
  2. DELEGATE: I delegated the house cleaning once a month because the time it took me to do was worth more than the cleaner fee (and quite frankly, they do a far better job than me).
  3. DUMP: I dumped the time suckers like checking emails more than twice a day.

Make a list of everything you have on and tasks, then go through and simply write do, delegate or dump next to each one. Then work out the priorities of each of the do tasks; who you will give the delegate tasks; and if there is any consequence to dumping certain tasks (which is normally only the consequence of having more time)!

That’s it! Then you can reallocate your time and write it down in your planner. Oh! You don’t have an amazeballs customised planner?

Well guess what? (You know where I’m going with this don’t you)

My Personal Planner have offered to give one of YOU your very own customised planner for free! Woo!

So you can Do, Delegate + Dump your way to Organisation Ville too.

Congratulations to the winner of the
customised My Personal Planner
Michelle van Schouwen

Michelle commented:

“I’m a busy mum of three who also is running a business so any help with getting organised would be greatly appreciated ūüôā The Personal Planners look amazing!”

I hope your new Personal Planner helps you get your family organised and your business running smoothly too Michelle! 

How to Win Your Own Customised

My Personal Planner

To enter and win your very own My Personal Planner (including shipping), here’s what you have to do:

  1. Comment on this post something about being organised. Or not organised!
  2. LIKE the My Personal Planner Facebook page

Then the winner will be chosen randomly using a computer generated prize draw from the numbered comments.

Simple. Go comment & LIKE!

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my planner is either in my handbag, on my desk or in the kitchen with me
using some of the ruled pages for my recipe scribbles, like turkey beetroot burgers