Sydney is definitely heading into winter now. I am much more of a summer gal personally, but I do love the food that goes with the winter season too. Being able to roast veggies, bake yummy treats and make beautiful nourishing bone broths and soups is lovely.

This soup came together very quickly and without even a glance at a recipe. It’s that easy and honestly you could use any combination of veggies you have in your fridge and any mince meat for the meatballs would be fine too. If you want it a bit more hearty, chuck in some red lentils or kidney beans.

I had a good variety of soup friendly veggies from Box Fresh this week so it worked out really well. I always have some bone broth on hand, generally in the freezer but if you don’t have this you can just use regular stock cubes (I like the Massel brand ones). 


I won’t share all the wonderful benefits of every vegetable in this soup this week…you’ll be here all day reading it. Instead watch the new video from Box Fresh!

This recipe brought to you by Box Fresh
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