Winter has definitely set in and casseroles, soups and one pot wonders are what’s on the menu! So when John mentioned he loved Chili con Carne the other day I jumped at the chance to cook something I have never made before.

Now chili is not a hard dish, but it’s definitely best if you use lovely fresh ingredients. Organic mince, beautiful veggies from Box Fresh and soaked beans (can used canned beans if that’s what is on hand of course).

The best thing about chili is you just chop up all the veggies first, and basically chuck it into a big pot and let it cook away for about half an hour. Whilst it’s cooking you can pop the rice on and clean up and then dinner is ready to go! Plus it freezes very well, so make a big batch for meals ahead.

More ways to use your chili…

  • Layer it with sliced zucchini and ricotta for a lasagna
  • Stuff into gluten free rolls for ‘sloppy joes’
  • Serve on cauliflower ‘rice’ for a lower carb option
  • Bake organic eggs into it for breakfast

This recipe brought to you by Box Fresh