I was determined to make a sweet treat this weekend. Just because! However, for some reason the weekend ran away on me and I didn’t get around to my recipe creation time until 6pm on Sunday. Luckily, I can whip up some pretty delicious, raw treats with my Froothie blender very quickly! You do need a high powered blender to get this smooth, creamy consistency.
I love making raw desserts because whilst they are still definitely a treat and to be enjoyed in moderation (think high calories) they are at least full of nourishing, whole food ingredients. Plus they are gluten free, dairy free and generally without any refined sugar. Win win win.

This particular slice I took into my work team who gobbled it up in the morning. No one is a ‘raw foodie’ so when I make a raw food dessert that they all enjoy still, that’s a success to me. This recipe would also be quite easy to modify – try different fruit instead of the banana, or leave it out and flavour with things like different spices, extracts etc… endless possibilities! You can also easily substitute different nuts, although the cashews work best for the cream layer.