You can’t go past a delicious banana smoothie, especially when it’s kicked up a notch with some peanut butter, protein, spinach and other nourishing ingredients! Yup chunky monkey smoothie is one of the classics and my favourite to make.

I used to make this quite a lot for breakfast, but then I broke my blender…well I broke about three blenders actually. Apparently ice and frozen bananas and nuts are too much to handle. Well not for my Beasty blender! The Froothie Optimum 9200 quite simply rocks. It blends so smooth and creamy and there is no way I’ll burn out this motor. I also love that you can press the pre-timed buttons so you can blend it and walk away knowing it will be perfectly blended. I find the 35 seconds is perfect to clear up the smoothie ingredient mess and grab a glass to pour it in!
So take two minutes to watch the video recipe for this classic Chunky Monkey smoothie kicked up a nutritional notch!


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