Female fat loss is a very common thing I get asked about from you all! Feeling confident, sexy and fit is something that every woman should feel – and this is not just about a number on the scale. In fact, if you ask Josh what he thinks about the scales … he will quite happily give it to you straight.

But it seems a little elusive for us women sometimes, this whole fat loss thing. It shouldn’t be though, and really, we should be focused on being strong, healthy and fit first. I find that fat loss tends to come naturally once you focus on these as priority. A happy side effect you could call it!

Personally, my best fat loss is when I have focused on my health and managing my PCOS symptoms. That’s what makes my body happiest and that’s where it gets lean easiest. We should be always focused first on this, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a bangin’ body too! Why shouldn’t you take pride in yourself?

I wanted to do this hangout with Josh because I listened to a free webinar that he did and I really liked what he spoke about in relation to nutrition and training – it is very much aligned with my own approach. I also really liked his obvious passion for helping his female clients achieve their goals. So I asked him if he would share some of his tips for female fat loss and he has very kindly obliged!

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Find out how Josh George achieves awesome results in female fat loss …

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(image via Lorna Jane)