Hypnosis for emotional eating is not something I had ever thought I would do. In fact, I can’t say it’s something I’ve ever even thought about until I stumbled across Scott Jansen on Facebook (bless the interwebs). Specifically I read some feedback and things on his Facebook page that sparked my interest in relation to emotional eating and food in general. After the Christmas break in Melbourne, I was surprised at how easily I slipped back into mindless eating habits. I had every intent on enjoying my time in Melbourne of course, but my plan had not been to through out my nutrition plan for the entire time (which is pretty much what I did). The thing I was frustrated by was those little arguments about food that started popping up in my head again when I got back to Sydney and reality.

Emotional eating is something I have discussed a few times previously, having battled it years ago and managed it for the past 3-4 years. That said, whilst I had it under “control” the vast majority of the time, it was taking far too much mental and emotional resources than I cared to use for such a silly thing! Plus, every so often I’d think “screw this” and it would happily pop up and say welcome back. So I sent Scott a message on Facebook and asked whether he had any experience with hypnosis for things like emotional eating and food cravings. He replied that he sure did and had worked successfully with bodybuilders, fitness competitors and athletes. Specifically he said this and it just made so much sense in my mind –

I’m sure if you have ever had the consuming mental thoughts around food, then this statement will make perfect sense to you!

Long story short, Scott agreed to do a session with me as he explained that trying to explain hypnosis was almost impossible without experiencing it. I have to say, even having experienced it, twice in fact, I’m still finding it difficult to put it into words! Luckily we recorded the entire session as a Google Hangout for you! I’ve edited it down as there were parts when the video was just Scott sitting there waiting for me to wake up from the trance state and also so you don’t have to watch over 90 minutes (ain’t nobody got time for that).

The video is split into part 1 and part 2. The videos are from the second session we did together, the first session was more broad across emotional eating and I felt instantly different the next day. This second session, we honed in a bit more on food cravings specifically. Scott actually put me into a second trance (not shown in the video) where he took me through other things more related to my business and life in general. I had totally not planned that!


Part 1 covers a bit about hypnosis and Scott discussing emotional eating and food cravings with me. Part 2, which will be in the next post, takes me into the full trance and a wrap up after. The internet actually died during the middle of the session, but Scott is crazy good at this hypnosis gig and literally brought me back into a trance within about a minute. So very odd watching and editing this video! Plus, because I’m still so useless at trying to explain what hypnosis is, Scott has kindly answered my many questions in an interview for you to get a better understanding of how it works and the general process. I’ve also split this up into two as it’s quite long.

Watch the video of the hypnosis – Part 1

Interview with Scott Jansen – Part 1

ZOMT: Where did you train to become a hypnotist? 

Scott Jansen: My Hypnosis Journey started with my own study. I was purchasing every DVD and book to study this. This started for me back in 2007 , but I kept it very quiet as Hypnosis has a bit of a stigma around it. I was honestly staying up till all hours of the night and most of my spare time reading and researching.

Hypnosis is one of those skills that form book to book and DVD to DVD has different methods and techniques. I did not begin formal study until 2011 but was extremely disappointed with the content and the methods use to hypnotise people. I wanted to give it up hundreds of times because at one level it was making sense but at another it was so confusing. The methods I was taught in formal study, reading scripts to people, was not working and when I finally mustered up the courage in 2010 to see clients I wasn’t very good at it and had to give all the money back.

Then when I used the methods from my study in 2011 of reading a script I again refunded the money as it did not work. I remember clearly trying to do some Hypnosis to a complete stranger on the street and they just laughed at me. I finally gave myself one more chance at this and hired a mentor face to face which was great and I studied with him for 2 months or so. I learnt some invaluable things with him.

All of this came together one day and I still remember it, while trying to hypnotise a client I had a voice in my head say “slow down and remember”. I have no idea what it meant but it was as if all of the confusion went away and all of the negative doubt stopped and it worked, it all worked, I knew what to say and how to say what I wanted. And from that day I have never had an issue with any of my therapy sessions. It’s as if I became a Hypnotist that day, and my mind stretched to boundaries of ideas and thoughts that the average person would laugh at.

Z: Does the industry have varying quality of expertise i.e. how many charlatans are out there?! (Any tips for people to avoid them if so?)

SJ: Like any profession there are charlatans or tricksters and this field there are a lot . You will see them “60 minute stop smoking cures” that use scripts to read to their clients, and the way I see it a pre-rehearsed script can not work for everyone. I came across one in the shops not too long ago and was in a playful mood so I asked him to demonstrate these powers. He tried and tried and tried and he was getting very frustrated as there was now a crowd gathering.

Now I had seen this guy coning people saying he could cure them and taking bookings but was telling people the could only hypnotise them in his office, but I was persistent enough to make him do a demo in public on me. He then after many attempts and was using the simplest techniques you can think of to get me hypnotised, blamed it on me for me stubborn and that I would need to consult a doctor as I had something wrong with my brain (exactly his words).

I remember turning to him, looking him straight in the eyes and I asked him a few questions using my skills and he began to blink, breathing went heavy and I grabbed his hand and gently placed it on his forehead and just for the crowd let out a loud “SLEEP NOW ” and he did … simple!

Things to avoid when wanting to get a hypnotist.

  • If you go see them and they pull out a folder full of scripts, be wary.
  • A hypnotist that can not show you their powers if you book them at a shopping centre or on the street, and they use their excuse of it can not be done unless in my office.
  • Hypnotists that say not “everyone” can be hypnotised which means that “this may not work on you, but we will try and when I fail I’ll keep your money, and blame you”.

Z: What are some of the things you have helped clients achieve through hypnosis?

SJ: I’ve worked with clients ranging from stop smoking sessions, weight loss, anxiety, depression, suicidal, decision making. A whole bunch of different challenges. I’ve been lucky enough to be referred to IFBB pro athletes over in the USA and here in Brisbane, also I have done sessions on other Hypnotists and psychologists that thought this stuff was a hoax but woke up after the session thinking “what on earth just happened”!

Hypnosis can be used in my mind, on all challenges as everyone that has a challenge or issue has the answer inside their mind. We just look for the answer from outside sources too often and miss the biggest help you have, which is your own mind. You just need someone who knows how to speak to that part and release the emotions that get people stuck.

Z: Since hypnosis is all about the mind, can you explain a bit about how our conscious and unconscious minds work and the difference between them?

SJ: Your conscious mind is the critical mind. It’s that voice in your head that doubts you, makes fun of you and criticises every decision you have and every thought you have. It’s job is to keep us sane. Without it we would become too overloaded with info, that comes in at amazing speed from the outside world and we would become so overloaded and never function properly. The conscious mind can remember 7-9 things at any one time, that’s it.

The unconscious mind is the emotional mind, its where ALL learning’s and patterns are created. It takes in millions of bits of info through all our senses every couple of seconds, and the conscious mind will pick the 7-9 bits from that every few seconds to help us throughout our lives, and this happens over and over and never stops.


So when trying to beat a habit, or set goals or create something new in your life you need to use the right part of the mind to get it done.

Z: I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few days since our first session and the second session; I overwhelmingly feel very positive about it’s effectiveness. Then I thought, maybe I just needed to BELIEVE that I could make the changes and the hypnosis was simply a placebo effect. Is that how it works?

SJ: Everybody can make a change to any challenge if they want to, but with the pesky conscious mind in the way you will never win the argument. The placebo effect may or may not have its place in Hypnosis, who knows. We have to get past science that are trying to explain an unconscious process consciously, it just can’t make sense.

I’m sure in the past you, and I and everyone reading this, has wanted to change something so bad and they try so hard and get no results, but you believed you could and you had the intention to and yet you failed. What I did with you and all my clients is I got your conscious mind to go away just long enough, to speak directly to your unconscious mind and helped it with instructions of better ways around that challenge.

The unconscious mind has a few tasks, it tends towards health and is always trying to do the right thing, through the instructions you give it through self talk etc… It just gets confused sometimes and associates the wrong feelings to the wrong actions. So believing you can make the change or not believing you can, makes no difference as these are conscious thoughts. The unconscious knows more about what you are capable of than you ever will.


Z: You mentioned to me that it pretty much always only takes one session for a person to be “cured” – have you had any extreme cases where a client requires ongoing sessions?

SJ: For things like smoking, anxiety, some phobias, it takes one session with me, that’s it. Weight loss I stretch over a few sessions as there is a lot more to it with the diet and exercise etc…

With all the clients I’ve seen now I’ve never had a smoker come back to me or anxiety come back. If I was to book another session with a client straight after the session, it would be only because something has occurred throughout the session that has revealed it self in Hypnosis.

For example, a weight loss client was in a Trance and was talking to me, and remembered that she had been sexually abused as a kid which was causing the emotional eating. The client was shocked that she hadn’t remembered any of this until now, but was relieved and trusted me to help her through this so she could move on. So we booked a session primarily on that, put the weight loss aside, and all my focus was on this. And believe it or not a few days after the session she lost more weight in that few days than weeks previous, due to releasing the emotion. She hadn’t done any more cardio or eaten better, just released this memory and the body rewarded her.

(Watch Part 2 here)

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