Recently I underwent a session with Master Hypnotist Scott Jansen. Hypnosis for emotional eating is not something I ever thought I would do, but as I mentioned in part 1 of this, it has proven very effective. If you haven’t already read the first half of the interview and watched the video, then you can check out Part 1 here.


The video below covers part 2 of the second session that Scott and I did via Google Hangouts. After a general hypnosis session covering emotional eating, we honed in a bit more on food cravings specifically. Scott actually put me into a second trance, where he took me through other things more related to my business and life in general. I had totally not planned that! (I’ve left off most of this as it’s not really relevant to this post). We also do a bit of a wrap up at the end and Scott explains a bit about hypnosis in general.

Watch the video of the hypnosis – Part 2

Interview with Scott Jansen – Part 2

ZOMT: It’s very hard to explain hypnosis, even after having experienced it first hand; can you give an overview of the general structure of a session?

Scott Jansen: Structure of the session – I will try and give you my conscious version of what I think I do ha ha. I never ever, ever sit and think about what I think the client may need in the session. I never sit in my office and stress as to what I’m going to say. Regardless of what the session is about. Now I can’t tell you my one big secret that I do with every single session as this is what creates the profound changes in my client; but even if I told you, you would not believe me or have any idea that it was possible to do.


However what I can say is, I leave it up to the client to run the session. My clients will give me all the answers I need, but you have to have the skills to hear what they say and what they don’t say. The magic is happening from the time they walk in. I would bet you had no idea when I started to put you into a trance until you felt weird and relaxed at the same time. I challenge you to find the exact moment ha ha. (Z: for the record, I can’t!)

So to be honest there is no set structure except for my big secret that I always do, always. Without this secret Hypnosis would never work.

Z: During our sessions, I did a lot of blinking (as you did tell me at the time, but I couldn’t notice until the second session). I read some research that blinking switches off the brain and activates the “default mode network, also known as the task-negative network, is a cluster of brain regions that become active when we are not observing the outside world but focused on internal reflections: recalling memories, having daydreams.” What other signals do you watch for during the session? (article reference)

SJ: The blinking is a sign to me that you are in a trance, things like sensations in the body I look for, breathing shifting, harder to understand what I’m saying, harder to find an answer to my question, spinning feeling in the head, skin changing colour etc… There is a whole bunch. The answer in the article you found is a conscious conclusion to what the medical profession think is going on. I have no idea exactly what the blinking is a sign for or does it bother me , that’s the mystique I love about hypnosis. I can put anyone in a trance…. but everyone experiences different things and different phenomena… I’m not saying it is not true as it may well be; but I would never find myself trying to answer those questions. I have my instinct to what I think it is but I would probably be wrong also.

Z: We discussed a lot about emotional eating, nutrition habits and food cravings in the two sessions. As these are issues are mental, emotional and physiological; how does the hypnosis have such an effect?

SJ: When we think of a problem or a challenge, how do we know it is a problem? We have an emotional attachment to it. The problem you presented to me and all my clients, even the professional athletes and doctors I’ve worked with explain there conscious conclusion to that problem. They try and explain what they think is happening inside. And that’s why the problems remains. How can we penetrate the unconscious mind when we are consciously trying to do it?

With Hypnosis I can reveal the real reason as to why a client is stuck. That’s why generally at the end of the session the client will report that the reason they gave them selves are silly, how was I ever stuck with that dumb excuse?! Our emotions drive our actions.

With food for example, we diet and cut food or cut calories etc… If we take something away we create another emotion like loss. So our unconscious mind will associate loss to that food and that why we are always thinking about it. How do we know that by eating the junk food our unconscious mind hasn’t associated fun with it, so when we take it away we miss the fun of that food.

How do we know that an overweight client didn’t use junk food as away to become bigger to keep away the opposite sex because they feel ugly or do not like to be touched. The problem you think you have is no where near what the unconscious mind is doing to keep that food in your life. We need to really find out what is happening inside rather than outside.

I had a weight loss client who was bullied as a young kid for always being skinny and weak. So he used food to get bigger and overweight so no one would push him around; now when we try and take away his food the unconscious mind say “NO” because if he loses the weight he will be bullied again and lose his identity as a big guy. So we had to deal with that first, and as with the lady before the weight just melted off with NO EFFORT. If you are having weight challenges don’t always assume it is the food or lack of exercise etc… it can also be so much more to it.

Z: I know magicians don’t give away their tricks, but can you share any of your hypnotist secrets that will help people understand it better?

SJ: The BIG Question, can I reveal anything ha ha! I can only reveal that my big secret is the key to all my success.

I’m not even sure if any other Hypnotists know about it, especially not the ones I have spoken with. Aside from that you as a client have all the answers you will ever need to any problem. I view the world in a polarity. There is up and down, left and right, night and day and problems and answers. We just can’t use the same mind that created the problem to resolve the problem. A hypnosis saying I live by as well is

To see is to doubt, to hear is to dismiss, to EXPERIENCE is to believe.

And I keep that in mind with all my clients.

Z: You explained to me that hypnosis doesn’t completely remove someone’s problem, but sort of reduces it; do you need to make a continue conscious effort to ensure the change stays in place?

SJ: I’ll explain exactly what I meant by that statement. The unconscious mind is always looking out for you. So if I try and take away the problem completely I’m doing the job of the unconscious mind and it will always do a far superior job than me, it just gets confused. As a Hypnotist I assist it enough to get it back on the right path.

It may just need a nudge or a stern talking to, either way once it’s on the right track you will not only notice your problem gone, but it will create a better life around that issue that you had as well. Such as when we did our session and you over came your problem, but your unconscious mind started to reveal things to you about your business, which is a totally different subject. However, along the way had associated your eating habits with your business, and you had no idea about that. So be on the look out for new inspiration with your business as well! There is just so much the mind can do when we just pay attention to what its doing right or wrong.

Z: Finally, I know a lot of other women have battled or are still battling emotional eating and other issues around food like I have; what are some things that they can do right away to allow their mind to make changes?

SJ: Saving the best till last! Start to realise that you do not have control over this, well not complete control and you are not alone I am here to help as also many other great Hypnotists. Start to understand that when you feel a negative emotion around that food or a positive emotion that is A GOOD THING THAT YOU HAVE BECOME AWARE OF IT (Read that part again).

How can something be fixed if we do not know it is there? Life is about balance so enjoy it. If you find yourself beating yourself up over a snack that you shouldn’t eat, do not focus on it as you will get more of that feeling. Focus on all the other times where you did great and feel the difference. What we focus on we get more of.

Become aware of what your mind and body are always telling you. The biggest of all… question the way you make yourself feel around food cravings and habits, question whether you really believe what you are saying to yourself. I’m always here to answer questions and do Skype chats which is a great medium to get some amazing results. You are not alone in this with your mind and you also have Zoe who is a wealth of knowledge and a professional in her field.

Becoming aware of your feelings to anything in life, can reveal answers to every question you have ever asked yourself, and the answers will surprise you in the most charming and delightful ways.

Get out of your normal way long enough, to see all the other things you have missed, when you were not paying attention.

(Watch Part 1 here)

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