It’s become a bit of a ritual to share my goals, dreams and progress at the beginning of each year. Or a month into it, depending on how busy I get. I wanted to get this done as early as possible this year, and January 1st seems to be the appropriate date for it. I’m almost very excited about the new year 2014 so was eager to write this!

Before I get stuck into that,  a little photo summary of the holidays! There was gluten-free gingerbread (which actually had no ground ginger in them ha ha but lots of other yummy spices), morning visits to Half Moon Bay, long family walks, lots of Christmas leftovers, a few delicious cold drip coffees and even some healthy Meat & Nut breakfasts!

gingerbread-men meat&nut-breakfast xmas-day-halfmoonbay xmas-leftovers beach-walkies cold-drip

So onto the goals for this year! For the sake of continuity, let’s follow the same headings from the beginning of 2013 …


The past year has been pivotal in terms of managing my PCOS. Simply by keeping my nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation right. I finally have my cycle back after 4 years of nothing and it’s getting more normal every month. Now, it’s just a matter of tweaking my nutrition and training to help get my hormones more balanced – I’m not sure what the full solution is yet, but I feel like my body is pretty happy and about 90% of the way there.

So health wise, that pretty much means 2014 is about maintaining what I have achieved and making the changes necessary to keep moving forward.

I am kick-starting this all with a gentle detox over the next three days starting from the 2nd. You will be able to do the same once the brand new ZOMT Members site launches in mid January!


My fitness is currently pretty decent, but I am making some changes this year in how I train. Much of my focus previously was on building a muscle base and strength. I now feel happy with the amount of muscle I have and really want to lean up and change my training style to be more functional and even add in more cardio. Yes, you just read that I will be doing more cardio this year!

There won’t be any marathons run, but I’ll be doing more sprint sessions, bike intervals and long walks too. I would really also like to get back into Yoga if I can find a local place to do so.

I’m definitely not giving up the weight training, but for the first quarter of the year at least, my training will be much higher rep and more focused on circuits, getting the heart rate up and general functional training. Fun!


Well some indulgences were definitely had over the ten days I spent in Melbourne for Christmas. There is nothing like good times with family and friends with delicious meals! So I’m probably carrying about 2kg more than I would like to at the moment, but am feeling very relaxed after the break. Eating indulgent food is always such a great reminder about how much I love the way great nutrition makes me feel.

After the three day detox, my awesome coach George Saragas is putting together a new nutrition plan and training program for me to achieve my goal of lowering body fat. I’ll be using the Complete shakes daily to make my life easier and help provide a quick, delicious and nutrient dense snack in the afternoons. John also uses them, so that’s at least fourteen meals less for me to cook! Plus it’s only a few bucks for a whole meal.


There are many many goals and milestones to be hit this year! I’m so excited for the massive opportunities of 2014. As far as ZOMT goes, you might notice the brand new shiny website that I launched last year. But even more exciting is what’s coming mid January. You’ve been asking me for this all last year, and I’m very happy to be finally able to bring you a Members site!

Becoming a ZOMT Member will give you access to exclusive recipes from me and complete nutrition plans and training programs from my very own coach George Saragas. We start with the gentle detox and 28 day program to get you off to the best start and then you can continue on to reach your long term goals and get new recipes and programs every month. I can’t wait to launch it!

Some other ZOMT related goals I have are to bring you more content, more videos and at least one new eBook this year. I won’t bore you with my numerous other more personal goals, but suffice to say there are a lot and they are big!

That’s pretty much me for now. I hope you have some big, fat, massively exciting and sparkly goals for yourself this year too.

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