Welcome to the first Question & Answer video with my amazing coach George Saragas! There will be many more of these health, fitness and nutrition videos coming your way. We’ll discuss female fat loss, nutrition, supplements, training, sleep, hormones, different diets etc… we can talk about this stuff all day, so keep those questions coming!

Got a question about something health, nutrition or fitness related?

George and I will answer it for you! We’ll be posting videos regularly as your questions come in, simply to get more education out there.

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A lot of this week’s questions related back to female fat loss over 40 years young (specifically for women), supplementation and nutrition. Oh and we do talk quite a bit about how to train with a knee injury.

If you have any more specific questions that we didn’t answer in this video, then make sure you ask us!

These are the questions we answered …

  1. Nicola – To get in amazing shape do you need to take supplements?
  2. Lynda – Managing weight after 40 (much harder than in your 30’s!!
  3. Claire – Hormones, how to stabilise stupid out of whack hormones!
  4. Melissa – If you do recommend supplements, which ones work best for fat loss? And what is the best time to take them and the amount?
  5. Nicola – How to train around a knee injury? Good workouts?

Watch Video #01 to find out the answers