Lifting for the Ladies! Yes I came up with that all by myself, it sounded more fun than female weight training. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I had the chance to have a chat with personal trainer and owner of Maximum Results Training – Dylan Smouha. I wanted to specifically focus on training for this hangout, as we can get too caught up on nutrition sometimes, which although important, is not the only thing that impacts our results and heath.

Dylan’s brand new gym is in Waterloo, NSW so if you’re local then go pop in and say hi! Get in touch with them on their website or Facebook page.

The right training program will not only make you stronger, sexier and fitter but does things in your body that you can’t see – it can affect your hormone response, your insulin sensitivity and your glucose tolerance to name a few. All things which will directly impact the results you get from your nutrition program – you can see very easily, why it’s the combination of a good nutrition plan AND training program that is where you’ll see and feel the best results.

So I grilled Dylan for about 40 minutes, and chatted about weight training, fitness and cardio specifically for females. Some of the questions I asked him were –

  • Will lifting weights make women bulky?
  • What are the hormonal benefits of strength training?
  • Should women train the same as the boys?
  • How can ladies achieve a strong yet still feminine figure?
  • How are rep ranges and programming used to achieve different results?
  • How should women use cardio?
  • What’s the best way to build the booty?
  • and more…

Plus we also answered some reader questions – 

  • Pete asked about the best way to warm up the shoulders before commencing a weight training session, but still protecting the join capsule and not introducing too much front glide on the humeral head.
  • Natasha asked about upper body workouts for women, that is shapely shoulders and lats to create a tiny waist.
  • Jodi asked about whether you better off lifting lighter weights, ass to grass or heavier but not as deep to build the booty.

Watch the hangout interview

Dylan kindly offered to back up his booty training advice with a training program, plus he ended up throwing in one to build those shapely shoulders and back too (just for your Natasha!). You can also download a PDF copy of the Booty, Back + Shoulders training program from Dylan – just click the link below.

Booty, Back + Shoulders Program

Click the thumbnail to see a photo of how to do exercise movement.

Build the Booty

Photo # Exercise Sets Reps Rest Tempo
box squats A1 BB Back Box Squats Wide Stance 5 8 30 31X0
hip ext wide band A2 Hip Thrusters W/Band Tension 5 15 60 2011
romanian deadlift B1 Romanian Deadlifts 4 12 30 3010
hyperextension B2 Reverse Hyper Extensions 4 15 60 2011
elevated hip extensions C1 Body Weight Feet Elevated Hip Extensions 4 20 10 3010
heavy sled pulls C2 Heavy Long Stride Sled Pulls 4 Up&Back 60 XXXX

Sexy Shoulders + Back

Photo # Exercise Sets Reps Rest Tempo
bb shoulder press A1 BB Standing Shoulder Press 5 8 30 4010
banded pull up A2 Pronated Chin Ups w/Band 5 8 60 4010
incline db shoulder press B1 60Deg Incline Neutral DB Press 4 12 30 3010
prone incline db row B2 Prone Incline Neutral DB Row 4 12 60 2011
poliquin lateral raises C1 Poliquin Lateral Raises 4 15 10 3010
cable pull over C2 Bent Over Cable Pull Overs 4 15 60 3010
cable face pulls D1 Cable Face Pulls 3 15 10 2011
rope slams D2 Battle Rope Slams 3 30 slams 60 XXXX

Take a before photo and try these programs for 4 weeks and see how much sexy shape you can build!