Do you find it hard to eat well because you’re stressed? Emotional and binge eating because you’ve got so much on and you just keep ending up reaching for the wrong food? One of the biggest factors that I have personally found and I have a lot of women tell me too, is understanding and learning how to manage your stress to stop emotional eating.

I wanted to share some thoughts and things I do or have done that helped me manage my own stress levels and eating habits.

[ 10 ways to manage your stress to stop emotional eating ]

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1. Work out why you’re stressed and tired. Are you juggling work, kids, household chores, training, cooking, caring for everyone else? Think about how you can reduce this.


2. Delegate boring tasks that you hate. I hate cleaning, so we pay for a cleaner to come do that for me. It’s well worth the money and I don’t feel at all guilty that I kind of suck at house-wifey cleaning chores now.


3. Save time by cheating with the cooking. Meal prep ahead and make bulk meals. I order groceries online from Harris Farm (< click that to get $50 off your first shop) every week and if I’m super busy then I’ll order our meals for the week from Easy Eating – again SO worth the money to get some down time on a Sunday arvo.


4. Get outside. I go for a walk or run with my partner. No phones allowed. Just fresh air and quality time together to talk about things, laugh and get the endorphins going.


5. Switch your brain on. I read or listen to podcasts. They stimulate my brain and take me away from “doing” things – it’s one of the few rare moments when I sit and stop.


6. Calm that brain too. I meditate or listen to classical music when I commute or do work. One of the biggest things that helps me calm my mind.
Find something creative you enjoy. I write. I blog, things I’m grateful for, lists I need to do, things I need to remember. Getting it out of my head and into paper frees up space in my head.


7. Allocate and prioritise time to exercise. My 30-60 minutes of training is my little bubble of ME time. It’s just me, good beats and the gym. It physically gives me an endorphin hit, mentally prepares me for the day and generally makes me feel awesome! I think this is especially important for us women who are known to put everyone else above themselves. Do something for you.


8. Nourish your body with great nutrition. I make sure I’m eating plenty of good food. I crowd out the cravings but not going hungry — I make sure I’m getting enough healthy fats in to balance hormones and satiate my tummy. Coconut oil is gold for this. Stop stressing about what to eat, make your life easy and check out the Complete Detox Cleanse Nourish program for a great kickstart meal plan and recipes.


9. Stop the food cravings in their path. Physically write down 2-3 things WHY you’re craving that crap food. Then you have to ask yourself do I still want this food? Am I just bored? Am I trying to fill a void? This takes away that burning, impulsive desire — forcing you to think about it rather than just acting. If you still really do, then eat a small amount and enjoy it 🙂


10. Don’t get caught in the vicious cycle of stressing about eating! A little harder than it sounds, but it’s important to not get hung up on worrying about the fact that you are using food as an emotional crutch. It makes it worse, trust me! One of the best things I did with this was I “cheated” a little (see #2!) and used hypnosis very effectively to free up my headspace around food.


I hope that helps you lovely. If you need some more on emotional eating, check out the posts below where I share much more of my personal experience and journey to managing it for myself. Or get in touch xo

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