I’m really excited about this 3 part video series I’m doing with my amazing coach Chris Dufey. I love collaborating with Chris as his nutrition, fitness and health philosophies are so aligned with my own (hence why I chose him as my coach!) so it’s always cool when I go to him with an idea and he is onboard straight away.


If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen my post back in June about the frustrations I’ve had this year with my progress coming to a grinding halt, getting nowhere with dropping body fat and then actually gaining weight. Hence why I wanted to put together a video with Chris about all the reasons why you’re not getting fat loss happening despite doing everything right!

I won’t reshare the entire post again here, but basically blood work revealed some underlying issues (which we will discuss in part 3 of the videos!) and my body seemed to revolt against me over the past 6 months and put on body fat despite my usual diet and training.

Basically we are trying to cover off everything you need to know to bust through that fat loss plateau or rebound – which is why I’ve split it into a 3 part series. This is a unique approach as we are going to use real examples of how Chris has coached me to get me back on track this year and hopefully you can learn from my own experience, showing how an underlying issue can hinder your progress.

PART 1 – The Diet Dilemma

Sat 12th July at 1pm >> WATCH IT (36 min)

  • How going low carb for too long affects your body and hormones.
  • Why the combination of too low calories and too much training is a recipe for disaster.
  • How to get back on track with eating a balanced nutritious diet.
  • Simple strategies to get you progressing steadily.

PART 2 – The Lifestyle Effect

Wed 16th July at 8pm >> WATCH IT 

  • Why it’s not just nutrition and training that affect your body and health.
  • What lifestyle factors like sleep, stress and even your thoughts affect your fat loss.
  • How to stop sabotaging your nutrition and training with poor daily choices.
  • Ideas to get back on track to your results.

PART 3 – The Dirty Details

Sat 23rd Aug at 2pm >> REGISTER HERE

  • What to do when you’ve sorted out the fundamentals and still not seeing results.
  • How find out if you have an underlying issue(s) that’s really putting the brakes on your results.
  • When should you get blood work done and what are some common things to look for.
  • How to use supplementation to support a solid nutrition plan.
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