We are having the most amazinggggg time over in Barcelona! I’ve completely fallen in love with it and it’s definitely in the top three of our list for where we will be spending time living in the future.

We had about 22 hours of flights to get over here and planned it perfectly so that we arrived in the evening and went straight to bed – so zero jetlag! I’m pretty lucky as I managed to sleep about 5 hours on and off on the longest leg, but even so, we were pretty tired by the time we got in.

I absolutely love the adventure of travel and we are planning more of it over the next year. Two things are definitely locked in already – Hamilton Island in May and  Switzerland in October for our business conventions again (if that sounds fun to you, then go check this out!).

So as promised, I’ve shared some of my healthy travel tips for your adventures overseas or even just locally in this quick 3 minute video.

Healthy Travel Tips

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