Raw Coffee Cheesecake is something I think that everyone should try – even if you’re not a coffee lover. It smooth, creamy and features all the beautiful notes of coffee without the acidic bitterness that you can sometimes get (when its a bad coffee anyway).

I’ve been drinking coffee on and off for the past six months or so, just listening to how my body feels with it. I seem to go through four to six week cycles of being good with it and then I can’t handle it almost overnight. One or maximum two a day is definitely my limit at the moment though. With all the health issues I’ve had this year with my hormones, iron levels, thyroid etc… it’s just not something my body needs an overload of.

I still totally love the taste of coffee though and one discovery I made this year was that drinking cold drip coffee feels completely different in my body. I don’t get any caffeine jitters and my stomach tolerates it far better. It just feels … more gentle and subtle.


It’s made exactly how it sounds – by slowly dripping cold, filtered water through lightly roasted ground coffee for a period of ten hours using a cold drip system. This cold extraction process eliminates most of the bitter oils that are typically found in heat extracted coffee, making it easier on both the palate and digestive system. I also like the entire concept of this in regards to being slow food.

Whilst my local cafe does serve cold drip, it’s not always available and I can’t drink it at home every day. So you can understand my excitement when I first discovered First Press cold drip coffee (bless Instagram). I jumped at the chance earlier this year to get a special once off delivery up to Sydney (they are Melbourne based) and have been waiting for them to add Sydney to their regular delivery list.

So when they offered to send me up some of their bottled cold drip range a few weeks back, I couldn’t resist as I have been dying to make some raw coffee recipes – but using our coffee machine to make a regular espresso doesn’t always cut it. Cold drip has a different flavour that is less harsh and far more smooth, so it’s perfect for raw recipes.

For this recipe I used the Brazil blend cold drip from First Press. With it’s rich chocolate and hazelnut flavours it has a nice strong taste but with that smooth finish and absolutely shines in this Raw Coffee Cheesecake recipe.


Raw Coffee Cheesecake

6 organic medjool dates
100g activated walnuts
100g brazil nuts
Pinch of Himalayan sea salt
350g cashews (soaked minimum 2 hours)
1/4 cup rice malt syrup
1/3 cup coconut oil, melted
1 tsp vanilla extract
75ml First Press cold drip coffee (I used Brazil)
Chocolate Drizzle
2 tbsp raw cacap
2 tbsp rice malt syrup
1/4 cup coconut oil

  1. Method
    In a food processor, add all the ingredients and pulse until combined but don’t process it all the way until it’s smooth. We want a bit of texture in there from the nuts.
  2. Press the base mixture firmly into a baking paper line dish (I used a ceramic brownie dish) or individually lined muffin tray if you so wish (super cute). I like to place another sheet of baking paper over top and use my iPhone to press and smooth it down. Seriously, works a treat. Pop this in the freezer whilst you make the cheesecake layer.
  3. Next, make the cheesecake layer. The longer the cashews have soaked the better. Add all the ingredients and process until super smooth and creamy. Add splashes of water if you need, but it should be a thick batter that needs to be smoothed out.
  4. Smooth the cheesecake layer over top of the base and pop into the freezer whilst you make the chocolate drizzle.
  5. For the chocolate layer, just mix up the ingredients by hand or in the food processor and drizzle over top of the cheesecake layer.
  6. Place it back in the freezer and allow to set for at least a few hours before slicing with a super sharp nice.

Tip: Dip your knife into boiling hot water in a glass before each slice to effortlessly make clean cheesecake squares.

First Press also has some more recipes here on how to serve up cold drip.