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Water. It makes up about two thirds of us, yet we often don’t drink enough of it. Why? I think for most people, it’s simply not creating the habit and honestly, just being down right lazy!


The worst part is that drinking water is SO good for our health and such a simple change that anyone can make.

I know personally, if it’s not in front of me, I can get so “busy” and just forget to drink water over the day, then end up dehydrated and super thirsty at night (not a good combination for a restful night’s sleep). If I have a glass of water on my desk though, I will definitely drink it. But then comes the forgetting to fill up the glass again.

I’ve found a great solution for this now – the BRITA Fill&Serve carafe. It’s been sitting on my desk all week, gently reminding me to drink more water, and it’s working! It’s also uber stylish looking and just so happens to match my desk decor perfectly which suits my perfectionist nature (little known fact about me is that I have a background in Industrial Design, so I appreciate great design and like my spaces to be pleasing to the eye).

Just look at how good it looks on my desk!


I also am loving the size of it as I only have to fill it two or maybe three times a day, and it fills a few glass of water so I’m not having to get up and down from my desk if I’m super busy. When you do fill it up, it’s got this mesmerising effect as the water filters through and slowly rises up the outer part of the bottle. Speaking of the plastic bottle, yes it’s BPA free.

I have to admit, I’m a bit picky with my water. I prefer bottled, mineral or filtered water, and the BRITA Fill&Serve includes an activated carbon filter (yes it really does make the water taste better). I also love that it means I’m not buying plastic bottled water all the time.

Back to the benefits of drinking water. We need around 1-2 litres of water every day, depending on activity levels, climate and the individual of course. Which doesn’t mean that 4 litres is twice as good, it’s actually dangerous to drink too much water, so don’t go overboard. The best judgment is to simply look at the colour of your urine. It should be pale yellow, like straw.

TIP: If you’re training hard, sweating and drinking extra water to rehydrate; then you can affect your electrolyte balance too, so make sure you add some Celtic or Himalayan sea salt to your food.

If you’re not yet convinced about making the effort to drink enough water each day, then let’s just touch on a few good reasons.

5 Reasons to Drink More Water

  1. We pretty much are water. Your brain is 95% water, your blood is 82% water and your lungs are almost 90% water. A drop as little as 2% can cause symptoms such as decrease in concentration, neuromuscular coordination, fatigue, lack of productivity, headaches, reducing endurance, decrease of strength, lack of mind to muscle connection and cramping1. That afternoon tiredness or headache can often just be signs of dehydration, so drink up.
  1. Hungry? You’re actually probably thirsty. It’s easy to mistake hunger for thirst, so staying hydrated can help you not overeat. Plus there’s research showing it can even increase your body’s thermogenic capabilities2, specifically “… drinking 500 ml of water increases metabolic rate by 30% in both men and in women. The increase in metabolic rate was observed within 10 min after completion and reached a maximum 30–40 min after water drinking.” That’s a win!
  1. Feeling blocked up? You probably aren’t drinking enough water, which you really need to keep your digestion moving. The water binds to fibre to increase the bulk of your *ahem* … poop. So when you don’t drink enough water, the colon takes water from your poop and this can lead to constipation. Which makes no one happy.
  1. Your kidneys do a lot in your body. They remove waste, balance fluids and help control blood pressure; they work hard for the money! And you guessed, it adequate water intake keeps them running smoothly3. Not drinking enough water is also common cause of kidney stones, ouch!
  1. Your complexion also needs water to nourish it. Staying hydrated helps promote skin circulation too, so it’s worthwhile keeping up the H2O for the facial glow!







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