ZOMT is Zoe

Find out who Zoe is with some of her more personal posts, her journey with PCOS, nutrition and training.

Since early 2010, Zoe has changed her entire life simply by improving her nutrition, fitness and ultimately her overall health. A catalyst of mild depression, stress and not knowing what she wanted to do in life led her to do what only a perfectionist-control-freak does best - take action! Over the years, as she battled with her own food intolerances, emotional eating and PCOS; she became incredibly passionate about proving that clean eating doesn’t have to taste boring or yuck.

As a true foodie at heart, she loves whole food that is delicious, nourishing and with as much great nutrition crammed into every meal! She loves creating (and eating) healthy recipes, particularly the sweet treats made guilt free. When not in the kitchen, you'll likely find Zoe surfing, in the gym, taking pretty photos of food, traveling and sharing all of that on www.zomt.com.au.

Zoe believes the true meaning of YOLO is that we should eat to fuel our bodies + nourish our souls.

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