How to be Amazeballs at Meal Prep eBook


Learn how to be a PRO at Meal Prep! All the tips, tricks and everything you need to know from Zoe who has been doing weekly meal prep for herself and her partner John for the past 5 years – in everything from a tiny studio apartment kitchen to a open-plan kitchen with a 5 metre long bench. Plus, it includes some of Zoe’s favourite recipes that she uses regularly for her own meal prep.

If you want to eat healthier, then becoming a Meal Prep Pro is one of the best steps you can take!

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Product Description

Learn how to be a PRO at Meal Prep! Zoe shares her 5+ years of experience doing meal prep every week – all her tips, tricks and secrets for getting started with preparing healthy, nourishing meals ahead of time so you’re never caught out reaching for the junk food again. Learning how to Meal Prep is not hard, it’s just knowing a few techniques like ‘The Mix + Match Method’ to make life easy.

This eBook is for anyone who …

has never done meal prep before
tried meal prep before but failed or it was just too much effort
would like to improve their and their family’s nutrition
would like to stop spending so much time in the kitchen
is super busy and needs to be more efficient with their time
would like to lose some body fat or gain muscle
just wants to learn how to cook quick, tasty dishes

This eBook includes:

  • The Pros + Cons
  • Creating + Planning
  • The Mix + Match Method
  • Bulk + Batch Cooking
  • Prep + Cooking Guidelines
  • Food Storage + Reheating
  • The Price Of Meal Prep

Plus, easy Meal Prep Friendly recipes:

  • Mince Many Ways
  • Turkey Burgers
  • Simple Green Beans
  • Roast Broccoli
  • Cinnamon Chicken
  • Strawberry Protein Smoothie
  • Eggie Veggie Casserole
  • Roasted Sage Pumpkin
  • Cauliflower Rice

Interactive pdf file compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android etc…

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