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Juice Plus+ Complete is a whole-food-based smoothie shake that provides balanced nutrition in every sachet. Juice Plus+ Complete can be used in any number of ways: as a healthful “on-the-go” breakfast, pre-exercise energy drink, post-workout recovery drink, or a late night snack.

NEW +  improved formula – it just got even better!

  • Whole food based nutrition.
  • No artificial ingredients.
  • Two delicious flavours.
  • More protein.
  • More fibre.
  • Almost no fat.
  • Less sugar.
  • Fewer kilojoules.
  • Even the carbs are healthy.

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Product Description

The Complete Shakes are available in Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla OR a combination box of both.

  • 60 servings – $66.00 per month

Each carton of the Complete Shakes contains:

  • 60 servings, 30 servings per flavour
  • 30 pouches of Dutch Chocolate Complete Beverage Mix
  • 30 pouches of French Vanilla Complete Beverage Mix
You can also choose only French Vanilla or only Dutch Chocolate

All products will be shipped in a four-month supply and be placed on a repetitive order. Your order can be cancelled at any time providing all payments have been finalised on products received.

We all strive to maintain a balanced lifestyle – whether it’s keeping a healthy work/life balance; finding the perfect balance between being a couch potato or a gym rat; or eating a balanced diet. Juice Plus+ Complete helps you achieve a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, providing whole food nutrition in convenient shakes and nutrition bars. Ideal for fitness nutrition or as part of your everyday health routine, our Complete shake mixes and nutrition bars have the nutrients, protein, and fibers of whole foods to keep you going all day long. If you need a quick breakfast or a healthy alternative snack, Juice Plus+ Complete is the perfect solution for balanced nutrition on-the-go.

> Whole food based nutrition. Juice Plus+ Complete is made from 100% natural plant-based nutritional sources – just like all Juice Plus+® products.
> No artificial ingredients. Juice Plus+ Complete® contains no detectable levels of gluten, no artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives – in fact, no artificial anything.
> Two delicious flavours. There are two choices of Juice Plus+ Complete, smooth French Vanilla and rich Dutch Chocolate – available separately or as a two-flavour variety pack.
> More protein. 13 grams per serve. More protein than most other brands provided from a proprietary blend of proteins including water-washed soy, peas, chickpeas, tofu, rice and other plant sources.
> More fibre. Almost 8 grams per serve. Considerably more fibre than most other brands, in a healthy blend of soluble and insoluble fibres from acacia, guar gum, xanthan, plant cellulose powder, pectin, fructooligosacharides, soy fibre, rice bran and apple fibre.
> Almost no fat. Less than 1/2 gram per serve, making the macro balance perfect for post or pre workout.
> Less sugar. Only 10.3 grams per serve. Obtained from all natural organic evaporated cane juice, stevia and other plant sources.
> Fewer kilojoules. 504 kilojoules per serve. Better for you than just about any other 504 kJ you’re likely to eat or drink.
> Healthy carbs. All natural plant sources. Slow releasing carbohydrates include quinoa, amaranth, and millet in a proprietary blend of ancient grains that have been cultivated for centuries.

> ALLERGY FRIENDLY. No detectable levels of Gluten. Dairy free.
The unique Complete formula is a blend of the following, whole food, nutrient dense ingredients:


> Broccolli
> Alfalfa
> Radish

Ancient Grains:

> Organic Amaranth
> Organic Quinoa
> Organic Millet

Also included:

> Proprietary Juice Powders
> Pumpkin Powder
> Pomegranate Powder
> Spirulina Pacifica
> Yucca

If you have any questions about this product, please contact us – orders@zomt.com.au